L33T or Lame: A Hacker Tool Review

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“Top 10 Gifts for the Hacker in Your life” articles are incredibly common. But how do you know if some of the tools listed are actually worthwhile? 

We recently sat down with two of our security engineers to talk about different gadgets and tools of the trade on this week’s SecureAF. We then decided to determine what tools are worth your time and money, or “L33t” and what tools are not at all worth your attention, or “Lame.”

Listen to the episode to learn why we think these tools are worthwhile and how we’ve used them before for security engagements.

Listen to the episode:

Below are links to a few of the tools we discussed that were l33t.

You can learn more about the tools by reaching out to our team or following the links to their pages.

Keysy Handheld RFID

Keysy Handheld is a tiny card that can easily fit in your pocket. It can be used to quickly and easily clone a car remote or a lower class security card. Up to four different RFIDs can be added and used at the press of a button!


Proxmarx is similar to a Keysy but is generally more difficult to use. It can do more but’s it’s also a more complicated process. To operate, the user needs to run a system on their PC to copy the RFID.

Shark Jack

Shark Jack is a network attack tool that can be used to collect information about the network like credentials. It’s something our engineers use on site all the time.


Crazyradio is a 2.4ghz radio initially designed to control drones over that frequency has been discovered to be able to operate keyboards and mice over the same frequency. So any Logitech or Microsoft keyboard from a certain era are susceptible to this.

This was just a taste of the many tools and gadgets we talked about this weeks on SecureAF episode; L33t or Lame!

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