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Penetration testing tailored to your business

Hackers have no problem exploiting your security vulnerabilities. Don’t give them that chance. The insights gained from a comprehensive penetration test can be used to fine-tune your systems and improve your security posture.

The Alias approach is custom tailored to your needs, compliance requirements, risks, and cybersecurity maturity. Our team approaches every penetration test with your specific needs in mind and creates a comprehensive report that provides the right guidance for each situation.

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3-Tier Penetration Testing

"Alias offers a comprehensive 3-Tier approach to penetration testing to give you options in how best to assess your security. "


Social Engineering

What if your people are the target? No matter how good your network controls, a single social engineering attack can circumvent your security and grant an attacker otherwise unobtainable presence. The social engineering tests include phishing, vishing, or testing physical procedures and controls. Alias engineers impersonate external or internal bad actors to determine what information can be gained and what access can be attained. We’ll identify weaknesses so you can ensure your people are aware of and equipped to respond to human threats.


External Penetration Test

What public-facing vulnerabilities exist in your environment? The external penetration test consists of using automated tools and manual techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities or configuration errors that could be exploited to gain unauthorized access to your systems. Alias plays the role of an external attacker, attempting to exploit vulnerable systems to obtain confidential information or compromise network perimeter defenses.


Internal Penetration Test

What if an attacker makes it past your external controls? The internal penetration test consists of using automated tools and manual techniques to evaluate in-scope systems and devices. Alias plays the role of an internal attacker, attempting to access systems and data, escalate privileges, traverse devices, or exfiltrate sensitive or critical information. This test can be conducted both without and with system access to simulate third-party or internal threat actors.

“It is important that our data is secure at all times and we needed someone with the skills and expertise to review our systems. We turned to Alias to perform our penetration test. They were able to quickly scan our systems and determine what changes we needed to make.”

Jeffery - Education Industry


Web App Penetration Testing

What about your web app? The web application penetration test consists of using automated and manual tools to discover and enumerate possible vulnerabilities or code errors and manual exploration of common and identified weaknesses. Alias plays the role of an attacker seeking to exploit your application to expose backup and configuration data and data vulnerabilities in transit, temporary storage points, and database exchanges.

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