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No environment is the same. Because of that, every engagement we work is entirely unique in approach and results. Our engineers provide fully customized vulnerability assessments that are more than just simple scan. We take into account business size, industry, common attacks we see, and more.

Looking for an in-depth report with actionable advice that tells you exactly how you can better secure yourself? After every vulnerability assessment, our engineers create a report that highlights findings, unique situations, and remediation tips.

Vulnerability Assessment

Around 80% of all companies in the United States have been compromised over the past few years. Not all compromises are noticeable. Some can include small hacks such as data ex-filtration or leaked credentials. Vulnerability assessments can help your business verify your security.

A vulnerability assessment is ideal for those of you who might not have the budget or the knowledge regarding a full scale penetration test but are still looking for something. This assessment will review your network and inform you of anything suspicious. Our reporting process provides your staff with the information they need to better protect your company.

Security all year round

If you’re looking to test your environment for an affordable cost, we highly recommend a vulnerability assessment. You can get then done annually or quarterly. These assessments are perfect if you’re looking to protect yourself against new and emerging threats.

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Because of our customized approach to vulnerability assessments, we can’t provide pricing upfront. To get pricing, all you have to do is contact us, answer a few questions about your environment, and we call tell you what to expect.

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Specialty Assessments

Compliance Review

Measure your compliance and vulnerabilities with a review of your company policies, procedures, and risk appetite. We compare your environment to the NIST Cybersecurity framework. This way you have a good measure of your company’s maturity level as well as receive actionable recommendations. We cover compliance requirements for a full stream of other regulatory bodies including: HIPAA, SOX, PCI and FFIEC.

IT Audit

Looking to fulfill the needs of the FFIEC or the FDIC auditors? We can help financial institutions fulfill compliance requirements with our multi-tier cybersecurity program. Our IT Examination risk assessment is able to give you an in-depth look into your environment as well as provide actionable steps to better enhance your security.

Remote Workplace Assessment

In the aftermath of the recent pandemic, Alias is now offering a remote workplace security assessment. This scan is built to review networks and alert of any potential threats or weak spots that could be taken advantage. As more businesses have gone remote and could potentially plan to work remote more often, this scan would serve as a way to ensure your digital security.

CMMC Readiness Assessment

We offer consultations and initial assessments to verify information provided in the consultation and determine exactly which level of CMMC maturity the cybersecurity controls, processes, and policies used in your organization will meet. If higher levels of CMMC maturity are required than that of which your organization stands currently, our report will work as a road map to get you where you need by the certification deadline!

Low cost vulnerability scanning

The Reflector allows us to replace an onsite security assessor with an offsite automated security assessor. With our device, you can continuously monitor for security threats inside your network and not break the bank.

Increase your security while lowering your costs.

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