CISO Support Services


Your Security, Our Support

For any CISO, security team, or IT department keeping pace with the requisite security needs and requirements can be daunting given limited time and money. The urgent crowds out the important. Considering the cybersecurity posture globally, top-down and start-to-finish, is simply impossible.

At Alias, we want to come alongside your team to offer support and guidance. We’ll help you understand your environment, implement changes, plan for contingencies, and assess outcomes. Together, we can make your environment secure.

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Why CISO Support Services?

CISO Support Services approach your security holistically. The traditional a la carte method can be challenging. Attention and resources are at a premium. With CISO Support Services, you select the cybersecurity services – everything from vulnerability assessments to HIPPA compliance – right for where your organization currently is and with the plan for where you need to be. These are bundled into a single package with a single cost billed as a monthly subscription. Your services can be scheduled at contract start or at your convenience without the intermediary steps of selection and negotiation. Alias experts become your consistent security support.

CISO Support Services provide real-world benefit to your organization in cost, convenience, and coordination.


One-time costs for any one service, let alone the multiple any organization requires, can be difficult to budget. With CISO Support Services, your services and costs are distributed as a monthly subscription, reducing strain on your staff and your bottom line.


Shopping around for different services or negotiating each individually presents organizational costs. With CISO Support Services, your bundled package ensures clarity and consistency of details and deliverables. One contract for one consistent high-quality experience.


Working with different vendors and scheduling multiple one-off services can make calendaring and compliance difficult. With CISO Support Services, your services can be coordinated at your convenience, whether a year in advance or a month at a time.

vCISO Hours

Sometimes you need more than just a service provider. Sometimes you need an expert at your table to guide you in weighing options, selecting strategies, implementing solutions, and assessing success. As a part of your package, any of our services can be augmented with vCISO hours. Virtually or in person, our CISO Support Staff will support you in designing and implementing your security solutions. Hours can be purchased as part of packages or on an additional basis.

How Can We Help?

If your organization might benefit from CISO Support Services, fill out the form below. We’ll set up a consultation call to determine what packages or services are right for you.