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perform remote assessments

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Easily remote test

Reflector provides the ability to perform vulnerability assessments and internal testing without having to coordinate and schedule an engineer’s visit. Installation is simple (basically plugging it into your network), and often we can ship the appliance to you.

why the Reflector

It's cost effective

Your money is precious to you, obviously. Which is why we created the Reflector. This is a low cost way to scan your network either annually, quarterly, or monthly. The prices are decided based on the number of devices you have in your network. And instead of keeping the cost a secret, hoping you reach out to us for a quote, we’ve got the cost outlined further down the page. Scroll down and take a look. If you have an idea of how many devices you have, you can get a rough quote.

It increases your security

Identifying vulnerabilities or configuration issues as quickly as possible, increases your security and protects your environment. Reflector facilitates regular assessments, including review and recommendations from the Alias security experts.

It saves you time

Reflector is turn-key. Unlike other solutions on the market, you have the Alias team supporting your security efforts. Alias maintains the platform, ensuring regular updates and having the knowledge to optimize results for your environment. Let Alias do the heavy lifting of administering, performing, and reviewing the environment. After our security experts review the results, they make recommendation so all you have to do is decide what actions you want to take to enhance protection.

Some other added benefits

Customized reporting

After each scan, you receive an in-depth report of your network with our findings. Each report is created by one of our Alias security engineers. We review your Reflector scan and highlight key findings as well as provide recommendations on how your internal network security can be improved.

Interested in the Reflector? Give us a call!

Regulatory compliance

HIPPA, NIST, CCPA, CMMC, ISO, GDPA, AUDIT – Our automated security assessor addresses regulatory and control requirements allowing you to demonstrate compliance. Our team will work with you, if needed, to help address as many compliance requirements as we can.

so what's the cost?

Reflector is a powerful tool at an affordable price. Pricing is often the biggest hurdle before you can commit to something like a new security device, which is why we’re up-front with the cost.

The prices below are per device. So if you have 78 different devices, you can calculate how much that will cost for an annual or quarterly scan at the one year, two year, or three year rates below. And if you’re not sure how many devices you have or don’t know what to count? Give us a call, we can help you figure it out.

Quote Yourself

Use the pricing below if you have between 50 – 150 devices
Anything less or more? Give us a call for a quote.

$30 per device

With a one year contract
You get one scan a year
For quarterly scanning, it’s $60/device

$25 per device

With a two year contract
You get one scan a year
For quarterly scanning, it’s $50/device

$20 per device

With a three year contract
You get one scan a year
For quarterly scanning, it’s $40/device